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Do you have to memorize color pallets for interior design?

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I am asking this because I feel knowing color pallets would be helpful and important. If so I should start memorizing them now. #interior-design

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Queenie’s Answer

Hi Kayla: No, as the others have suggested you will be taught all about color theory and you will not have to memorize it when you are in the real world designing. It will be a natural process, especially if as you develop good taste and read tons of top quality interior design books and magazines. I would also intern for an interior design company while still in school to understand all the different aspects of the business. Hope this helps!

Elaine’s Answer


Hi Kayla, You certainly do not need to memorize the color pallets. In college, you have to take art classes and history. In additional to interior design classes, you are required to take color and theory. So, when you take those classes, you will actually have knowledge about it. It will comes to you naturally. Do don't worry about it!

Eula’s Answer


Dear Kayla,

The short answer is NO. But you do have to know of about 6 color groupings. and also of some funny things that happen to color when it gets to play with light. Also not everyone likes orange-yellow and some cannot even see color and can only see black and white. You need to know what are neutrals, what are advancing / cool colors and what are receding / warm colors. The six groupings are: a-chromatic or monotone or monochromatic; complementary, split-complementary, analogous, triadic, and tetradic.

One more thing you need to remember, some colors for different groups mean different things. Some use white for weddings, others use red or still green and pink. Black is not worn for funerals in India. Here it is white. So colors are associated to cultures.

One more thing: combination of colors and blends of colors, in textiles, in upholstery and used for furniture, drapes, walls, paint, wallpaper and the many patterns that one may make with colors.

It is a lot of fun, and one of the easiest elements. You do not need to memorize, because the colors always stay the same. But people change the names of colors all the time.

Hope this helped.

Pam’s Answer


You certainly don't have to memorize color palettes. Most 1st semester interior design students cover Color Theory and Color Schemes in particular in college. We talk about (4) of the basic Color Schemes - Monochromatic, Analogous, Triadic and Complementary. Each of these schemes has endless combinations of colors that can be used to create a beautiful interior. A Color Wheel is a very simple, inexpensive tool to assist with selecting colors for these schemes.