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How did you choose what career path was right for you?

I've made a career decision and was wondering if I took the correct steps to get to this point. #general

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2 answers

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Ken’s Answer

Hi Alandria!

Here some fun ways for you to help answer that question:

Another good way of finding out about careers is to participate in coop, intern, shadowing, and volunteer programs that will allow you to see the inside of the career area. Your school counselor can help with this area. Also, here is a good site to find about internships:

Best of luck! You want to do something that energizes and excites you.

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Danielle’s Answer

Hi Alandria!

I would highly recommend taking as many different courses as you can while in high school to explore your interests and passions. If needed, also take a gap year between high school and college. You want to make sure you make the right career choice before heading to college to study it. It is very important to really understand yourself first.

In my experience, something that really helped me in discovering my interests and aligning those with what I was good at was by taking Personality Tests (ie: Myers Briggs). This was something guidance counselors at my high school were very adamant about freshman-senior year. I would recommend it to anyone now too because it really did help me understand what I was good at based on fact and where I could apply that.