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St. Edward's University vs Middlebury College. Which should I choose?

I'm a first generation college, low income WOC, and I've struggled a lot in college in general due to my mental health. I have the opportunity to go back to Middlebury College and finish my degree in Neuroscience. However, I was also recently admitted to St. Edward's University as a Behavioral Neuroscience major. What are some things I should consider as I make my decision? I'm also not sure I know enough about St. Edward's University in general.

I also want to take the pre med track more seriously with the hopes of becoming a doctor in the future.
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Might I ask how you decided to apply at St. Ed's? Have you talked to current or former students, or for that matter to prospective students? Did someone recommend to you to apply there? Is it primarily because it's local to you? Revealing a fuller picture of how you brought yourself to this crossroad between St. Ed's and Middlebury could be useful to others in formulating a relevant response. Bonnie Taylor, EdD, CQIA, APTD

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4 answers

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Elle’s Answer

I was a second generation WOC with mental issues and I would seriously advise caution against Middlebury College. It was an environment that was exclusive and not welcoming to those who were outside of a certain niche. The school caters to its wealthy clientele and leave the rest of the population to fend for themselves. This could be said of any prestigious university except for the fact that Middlebury is constantly and consistently criticized by its BIPOC population for being racist and exclusionary. I have from my experience found it overwhelming, mostly due to my mental illness, one that has been successfully treated while at my second university I selected upon leaving Middlebury (they asked me back, I said no). I also experienced macro and microagressions that caused me to feel shaky in public and not excited to leave my dorm room. It was an uncomfortable experience that made me feel like I had to self - segregate among people - lower income, or middle class, or even LGBTQ+ or foreign in order to function. I did not feel like a part of the campus community at all. It was a socially isolating experience and in many ways, it contributed to my mental illness. Speaking from a prestige point of view, I'd say Middlebury is a contender for a great school if ONLY it made improvements in the way it dealt with its campus environment. You don't see the kind of complaints coming from the ivies, let's put it that way. On the whole, I'd say go with the school that makes you feel that you can do your best as a scholar, because in the end, it's the scholarship that matters, as well as the social experiences.

If you want to find out more about this school and it's problem with minorities, read the postings on the dearmidd instagram page or Beyond the Green.

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Kevin’s Answer

Itzel, I believe you should do some more research on which school will provide you the best opportunity to pursue a medical career.

If you intend on being a medical doctor - you are really looking for a school to prepare you for your MCATs and enable you to fulfill all requirements for an incoming medical school student.

Effectively your actual college degree is less important than getting into Medical School.

On a separate note, you seem willing to ask questions and do the work. You will find a way to create your future and one you desire and deserve. Being willing to ask and think about questions is much more important than the answer - answers are a point in time.

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Will’s Answer

I largely agree with Ashley. Middlebury is one of the nation's most prestigious schools, so it has a significant edge in overall reputation. However, for anyone (especially if you want to go to medical school), cost is a huge consideration. Your undergraduate degree prestige doesn't matter as much for medical school admissions; what is more important is getting an excellent GPA and MCAT score. If one place is significantly cheaper than the other, and you could get great grades there, I would attend that school. Also consider if your courses would transfer and your overall happiness at both places.

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Ashley’s Answer

How rigorous is each schools pre-med program? Is either offering a scholarship? Is there information on the number of students accepted into med school from those institutions? Would your classes transfer to the new school?

Hope these questions help you make the best decision for you. Good luck!