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Are B.Sc Cyber Forensics students eligible for an M.S. in Cyber Security?

I have completed my 12th std. and am planning on doing a B.Sc in Cyber Forensics. I am definitely going to pursue a masters degree in the United States but wanted to know if I would be eligible for an M.S. in Cyber Security. Or... do I have to stick to an M.S. in Digital Forensics?
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2 answers

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Alisa’s Answer

Check the entry requirements for the college you'd like to apply for. I'd say as long as you have foundational understanding for cyber security and technology, you should be able to get in. I would give a college you're interested in a call to check if you're eligible.

Thanks for the advice. Cheers!!! Giridhar N.

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Liam’s Answer

Generally, No, you are not stuck to the same path as your undergrad. Depending on the program and school, you can have any undergraduate degree to pursue a Cyber Security degree. You may have to take a few prep classes to meet the requirements of the course, but I have seen Business Majors go into cyber security MS programs. Keep in mind that there are generally 2 type of Cyber programs. 1) those that get into scripting and packet analysis, real hands on type of classes that may teach you different hacking tools techniques and procedures. And 2) policy type, that focuses on laws and regulations and the administration of cyber programs. Both will have different requirements on your previous course work.

Good Luck!