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Alisa Gunina

Project Management Intern
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
London, England, United Kingdom
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Destiney Sep 19, 2020 640 views

What does your daily schedule consist of and how does it make you feel mentally?

The reason why I asked this question is because I want to pursue real estate and I want to know how would this career make me feel mentally on a day to day basis. That is because I am the type of person who gets overwhelmed when things not going right which causes me to stress. So, what advice...

Giridhar Nair’s Avatar
Giridhar Aug 11, 2020 637 views

Are B.Sc Cyber Forensics students eligible for an M.S. in Cyber Security?

I have completed my 12th std. and am planning on doing a B.Sc in Cyber Forensics. I am definitely going to pursue a masters degree in the United States but wanted to know if I would be eligible for an M.S. in Cyber Security. Or... do I have to stick to an M.S. in Digital Forensics?...

Emilia’s Avatar
Emilia Jul 19, 2020 782 views

Is an internship the way to go?

I'm a student that lives on their own, without financial support from parents. I was wondering if an internship is absolutely necessary to get my "foot in the door", even though financially, I cannot take on an unpaid internship?

#internships #networking #JULY20

C’s Avatar
C Jul 29, 2020 1414 views

How Do You Keep Yourself Motivated? (Insights from all industries are welcome! )

Hello everyone! Tech industry is ever changing, new tools/frameworks keep popping up. For example, using React hooks in the React App has been gaining popularity since its release. Another example is the new features of JavaScript (ES6/7/8/9 /10......) Questions: 1. Given the...

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Sep 25, 2019 498 views

Is the metal refining business good to get into?

Is it constant hard work that you have to be specially trained to endure, or is it just another job? #career #metal #worker #metalworker #metalrefiner