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What does your daily schedule consist of and how does it make you feel mentally?

The reason why I asked this question is because I want to pursue real estate and I want to know how would this career make me feel mentally on a day to day basis. That is because I am the type of person who gets overwhelmed when things not going right which causes me to stress. So, what advice would you give to a person who gets overwhelmed easily and what techniques could they use to help them relax? psychology mental health real estate#realtor for life stress free Memphis real estate

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7 answers

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Job’s Answer

I am a retied real estate attorney and real estate developer and investor. Real estate is a high stress industry and to succeed you will have to deal with the stress of finding good deals, knowing how to asses the financial aspects of the deal, cost of repairs and maintenance as well as the ability to either sell the property or keep it and deal with tennants. Real estate moves in waves of value movement. It is a leading indicator of the state of the ecomony and will loose value when the economy is not doing well but appreciate when the economy is good.
Unfortunantly the real estate markets are artificially high in many parts of the US and properties at this time making home ownership for new entrants difficult, and it is only getting worse. Builders and developers are mainly building mid to high range home now, rather than building starter homes that are more reasonable for first home buyers to afford. Another disturbing trend is that all the expensive large homes built ove the last 30 years are having a hard time moving as they are not affordable and younger people do not desire to have these large homes due to cost, upkeep and lifestyles. Many people enlarged their existing homes and made expensive upgrades that make them feel the home is worth more that the market willl bear.
In my opinion the best market to enter would be in mid to high grade rentals, as the renting population will oonly grow due to the extreme cost of existing homes.
The business involves risk taking by browing to fund the project and then stressful making sure the project is built on time and on budget, then you have the stress of selling or renting it out to pay off the bank. I also have an MBA in finace. You have to really understand the financial side to transactions prior to entering a deal. Permits and construction require heavy supervision and knowledge of the processes of permitting and construction to avoid being taken advantage of. Time value of money is also important to understand, because once you attain the property you need time to permit which in some cases can take years, and the construction period needs to be as short as possible as you are paying interest on the bank loan whiel these processes play out.
The state of the present economy is not a good time to enter real estate investing, unless you are inan area that is experiencing population and job growth. The jobs need to be well paid, not fast food jobs.
One safe way to enter real estate is get a job in reaal estate management and move up that ladder. These jobs are not as stressful as you are not responsible for any loans, yuo just manage property for others. This career if done successfuly can teach you the industry, allow you to make connections in te industry and train you to own and operate your own real estate investments.
If done well real estate can be very profitable, if not it can lead to financial ruin.
Good luck

Thank you so much for responding I appreciate it. Destiney H.

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Alisa’s Answer

I work a 9-5 job and I have a calendar schedule which is organized into meetings, I booked lunch off and I tend to have some spare time during the day. When I am overloaded I try to split my tasks into what is the most important and get it done. When I am overloaded I do get anxious, however, writing down a to do list and ticking it off helps.

I'd say staying organized and having a routine is good if you get overwhelmed easily. Also if it does get too much speak to your supervisor and they should hopefully help you out.
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Ross’s Answer

It helps so much to, every day, write down something different you're thankful for. I know it sounds simple, but that combined with taking one step at a time instead of allowing the magnitude of the job/project to overwhelm you helps tremendously.
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Jad’s Answer

My daily schedule is split between working, family time, and personal health and wellness activities (like working out). I’ve noticed that my stress will build when one area of my life is not quite in balance with the others, so it’s important to stay with your routines and to make sure that none of your activities takes over too much
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Samantha’s Answer

This year has been incredibly stressful and overwhelming for me. I am in my last year of college, everything is online, I got engaged, we have two dogs and we moved to a whole different state. Balancing all of this I was also working as a nanny. This summer especially was very stressful. One thing that helped me was telling myself to "control what can be controlled". I stayed incredibly organized. I was doing little things to make sure that I was in control of something. With the pandemic it was very hard for me to have complete control and things do happen. I was thrown for a loop but I had a great support system and my family was super supportive.

It was so important for my mental health to step back sometimes and take a break when I needed it.
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Steve’s Answer

For me I think about the work day, personal activities, finances and my family. Important to write down goals, wish lists, things I'm thankful for and recite them over and over again during the day. You become what you mind thinks about, as that sub-conscious is so powerful. What you think about expands in your life - right....

Enjoy the journey!
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Danitra’s Answer

I keep a sticky on my desk for all the tasks that I need to get done for the day. If something gets missed it get moved to the next day. I normally list my items by priority.