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What to do if I am very lazy but want to be successful in the future?

I am a sophomore in high school and I want to be an Anesthesiologist when I grow up, but I'm very lazy and that's one think I want to stop doing. #high-school

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7 answers

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John’s Answer

Nia laziness keeps us from doing important tasks and it could hinder our studies. If it continues, it will become a habit that could have a negative implication to your grades or worst to your future endeavor as a Anesthesiologist. One of the best ways to increase study motivation is to create a simple plan that outlines exactly what you should be working on at any time.

Having a study plan will help you organize and track down your tasks easier. Make a timetable wherein you set a time schedule for a certain subject and other tasks to do. List down your assignments that are due and arrange them like a calendar. In this way, it could help you prioritize and get it done on time. Keeping a simple notebook diary of how your study is progressing is one of the most effective things you’ll ever do. Write the subject/material you studied and how long for, and then give yourself a star rating (1-5 stars) of how well you felt you performed during that study session. If you suddenly feel like Albert Einstein after a focused study session, then give yourself a good rating.

By breaking up your study into very manageable chunks – between 20-30 minutes – you’ll make it infinitely easier to manage your workload. It also appears much less daunting to sit down and study for 20 minutes than it does to study for two hours. Taking actions one step at a time will help you beat laziness. Breaking down bigger tasks into smaller tasks will help you avoid being stressed. This will make your tasks a lot more manageable. Completing a sub task will serve as a motivation for you to continue other sub tasks thus, helping you finish your overall task in a more convenient way.

Being distracted while studying will make you lazier. It is better to get rid of all distractions such as turning off your TV or internet connection or just by simply switching your phone to silent mode or you could even ask your roommate or family member to give you privacy. Keep in mind that avoiding these disturbances will aid you to concentrate and study effectively. When it comes to your cell phone, I suggest switching it off and leaving it in another place during the duration of your study. The world isn’t going to end if you miss a Snapchat!

This is the most important thing. The key to beat your laziness is to discipline yourself. In order to achieve something successfully, you must need to stop certain habits or behaviors. As with studying, you must need to stop certain things that could distract you and lose your focus and start doing things that could contribute to accomplish good results. If you easily get distracted with gadgets, put them away while you are studying. Make this a habit so that the next time you have to study, you will get used to it. Keep in mind that these little sacrifices will have great results in the future.

One of the most powerful things you’ll ever do to enhance your study and actually find the motivation to get it done is to try and have a bit of fun. Things you enjoy are naturally easy to avoid procrastinating. But how do you bring fun in to study? Another winning tactic is to study using a method you actually find engaging. One of the top reasons why many students are lazy to study is due to lack of motivation. Finding motivation will help you to concentrate and think about the benefits after studying, just like passing an exam and getting high grades or recognition from your teacher or you will be noticed by the cutie you have a crush on when you got the perfect score. Visualize yourself after studying and think of its positive outcome. In this way you could study effectively since you already have that will to achieve something.

Nia being lazy with studying is a normal thing. Everyone experiences it, especially if there are a lot to study on and you don’t know where and how to start. However, whether it is for a major exam or a small quiz, you have to take it seriously. Commit yourself to break the habit of laziness. Work harder! Keep in mind that the harder you try, the greater the result is.

I Hope this was Helpful Nia

Thank you Alison for your continued support. Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision, the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. – Andrew Carnegie John Frick

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Patrick’s Answer

Pick something you're passionate about

Hi Pat, I agree that finding your passion can be motivating but how would you advise this student go about doing that? Gurpreet Lally

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RV’s Answer

Since you already know you want to be an Anesthesiologist, figure out why you are lazy! Think about what would happen if you don't become an Anesthesiologist or become successful in whatever you choose. Sometime thinking deep is all you need to face the reality. I believe if you work hard and give everything you have, you will enjoy the results a lot.

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Avrom’s Answer

I'm not a doctor, and this is not a diagnosis, but in my (limited and totally anecdotal experience) a lot of people who describe themselves as "lazy" actually have a medical condition (ADD is an example) that interferes with concentration and makes difficult tasks onerous. You should talk to your doctor about the possibility that you have such a condition; they'll know how you can go about getting tests to confirm or refute it.

It's possible, of course, that this has nothing to do with this--that you just need to develop some better habits like other people have mentioned. But don't write it off without investigation.

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Sheila’s Answer

Hi Nia:

This is an interesting question because I'm wondering if you mean "lazy" or UNMOTIVATED? You've received some great advice from the CV Professionals. I'd like to share a few more items for your consideration.

Setting unrealistic goals and taking on too much can lead to burnout. While not an actual clinical diagnosis, the symptoms of burnout are recognized by medical professionals.

This rise in perfectionism is causing people to be overly critical of themselves and others. It’s also led to an increase in depression and anxiety.

Negative self-talk can derail your efforts to get things done in every aspect of your life. Telling yourself that you’re a lazy person is a form of negative self-talk.

You can stop your negative internal voice by practicing positive self-talk. Instead of saying, “There’s no way I can get this done,” say, “I’ll give it my all to make it happen.”

Planning how you will get something done can make it easier to get there. Be realistic about how much time, effort, and other factors are needed to meet your goal and create an action plan.

Take a moment to think about what your strengths are when setting goals or gearing up to tackle a task. Try to apply them to different aspects of a task to help you get things done.

Patting yourself on the back for a job well done can help motivate you to keep going. Consider writing down all of your accomplishments along the way in everything you do, whether at work, home or school. It’s a great way to boost your confidence and positivity, and fuel you to carry on.

Asking for help improves your chances of success and helps you connect with others who can encourage and motivate you

We all have our favorite distractions we turn to when we’re just not feeling like doing a task — whether it’s scrolling through social media or playing with a pet.

Try listening to music or a podcast, or put on your fitness tracker to see how many calories you burn or steps you get while performing these tasks.

Focus on what you’ll gain from getting something done, like getting closer to a completing a class, or reward yourself for a job well done. I wish you much success on your journey. Best of luck to you!

Sheila recommends the following next steps:

Article • https://www.healthline.com/health/how-to-stop-being-lazy

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Julietta’s Answer

Hi Nia!

I think its great that you know what you want to do when you grow up! I'm here to tell you its okay to be lazy sometimes. We all are at times, even if we don't want to admit it. Just keep in mind, its alright in moderation, don't let it inhibit your success. I always say having one to two hours a day of pure laziness is completely fine. I tend to do that and I can honestly say it does not get in the way of my success.

Advice I can give to help you stay on track to success is organize your days, preferably with a planner or agenda. Since you know you want to work within the medical field, be proactive and start to look for volunteer opportunities at your local hospital. Using a planner will help keep you on track and will monitor how much "lazy time" you can allot yourself. Also join some school clubs/sports. This is always something that colleges look for when determining acceptances.

Good luck!

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Jayne’s Answer

Find the time in the day when you are most productive and likely to achieve the most. Give yourself a fixed amount of time during that window, and focus on your studies in that time. And repeat each day so it becomes habit. then reward yourself with a little treat at the end of the week for completing it.