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How did you know being a Neurologists was that right career path for you?

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2 answers

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Anum’s Answer

Okay so I am not a neurologist but I would like to give you an answer I think works in general (I am a doctor working to be a Psychiatrist by the way). Right now you are a student, you have a specialty in mind that you love which seems to be neurologist as that is what you asked for. But as we move forward in medical school and start clinical studies and rotations, a lot of the times people find something that they never even thought that they could be passionate about and know in their heart, and some even know for a fact that field is the right career path for them. And sometimes their interest in their original field is transformed into a passion. It is all a game of experience and actually looking and going through it with time. The time in medical school and the internships afterwards put a lot of things to perspective. And no matter what you are told your career path should be, you might actually find one that would not just surprise others but also you. For example, your interest in neurology may transform into an interest in psychiatry and the feedback to this choice is the extreme opposite to what you will find to neurology. But in the end what matters is what you find your passion or your interest to be because that is the only way you can be happy to be in the career you choose no matter which field it is because you will actually like working hard for it. Experiencing it in person adds a lot and puts it in perspective 99.9% of the times.

This answer was based on my observations and experience, directly and indirectly. If you are looking for a hands on answer regarding what there is in neurology and the do's and don'ts, I hope you get an answer from a neurologist soon. Good Luck!

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Estelle’s Answer

Neurology is a very challenging field that is evolving fast. It can be an emotionally trying field of practice because many of the patients have progressively deteriorating diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease, but new medications and therapies are slowing the progression of these diseases. Neurology is fascinating, and neurologists are in very high demand. Try shadowing a neurologist to see if the practice interests you.