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How competitive is the TV field?

Because I wish to pursue a career in TV field and I feel like I should become aware of what exactly I am getting into and the chances of me succeeding and failing. #sports #football #television #television-production #television-producer

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John’s Answer

Hello Allison,

The answer is: very competitive, and comparatively low-paying. By this I mean, don't get into TV looking to get rich or work easy hours.

You need to have creativity and storytelling in your blood, assuming you are interested in production, as opposed to the business/management part. If you are interested in field production, meeting new people and traveling are two aspects that may be appealing. If you are interested in writing or post-production, then perhaps you don't mind working inside for long stretches.

Your chance of success or failure are all up to you, and maybe not much different from other fields: if you really want to succeed, you will! And like a lot of other fields, networking and connections are really important. So putting this question out there is a great start. Next step: in addition to whatever you learn in school or online, find an internship. They are worth their weight in gold, and will give you the best answer to the question of whether this field is for you. Good luck!