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How can I give advice to other teens

Swee. A people person awesome advice giver and want to help other people #help

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3 answers

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Karen’s Answer

Search volunteer opportunities for organizations that work with teens. Find out how you might support the teens they serve. Perhaps serving meals to less fortunate teens may give you a chance to share advice or simply sending positive cards or messages to struggling teens could be a great way to help them.

Thank you that help me a lot Shamirah B.

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Shubhankar’s Answer

Before you begin as a counselor, I believe these are the 3 basic questions

1. What is your area of expertise?

2. What is your experience in the field of expertise?

3. What drives me to help people?

Before we can start giving advice to any one , it is extremely important to evaluate what strengths we hold.

I suppose, if you feel that the above questions have a definite answer, then I believe you can think about the next steps towards becoming a counselor.

Shubhankar recommends the following next steps:

Evaluate strengths and area of expertise

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Yash’s Answer

Hi Shamirah,

This is a great question! I think the first step is to identify what area you would like to focus on for the teens (Academics - Careers - Sports - Mental Health - Social Culture - etc).

These topics and many others can you help you give a targeted approach to support the teens in these areas. Since this is a generous offering and many organizations currently exist already, I would even consider looking into starting a non-profit of your own, which can tie with other community non-profits and organizations, which can really help you achieve your purpose of helping the teen community in a larger manner.

Again, great initiative and I wish you all the best!