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What is the quickest medical degree?

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3 answers

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Richard’s Answer

I have a physician and friend that I see that graduated via the University of Missouri Kansas City six year program https://med.umkc.edu/bamd/ This program is rigorous, and requires the high school student to excel in the sciences and mathematics. Once you are accepted (and yes, the acceptance process is difficult) you are basically on a path to achieve a Doctor of Medicine degree in six years. You will be expected to have your financing in order - part time employment is almost out of the question. The previous link makes it clear you are dedicated to the program virtually year-round until you graduate. In the end, you will have "shaved" off two years of a normal eight year bachelor's/medical school path to M.D. And go into an internship or residency in an abbreviated timeframe. This is difficult, but there are many graduates of the program practicing across the country.

Richard recommends the following next steps:

Excellence in high school math and sciences
Financial resources must be in order
Fully dedicate your time and life to the program year round for six years
Medical Doctor!

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Marie’s Answer

It depends what you mean by medical degree. If you're referring to an MD (medial doctor) or DO (doctor of osteopathy) it takes 4 years of college, 4 years of med school and a 3 year residency. You can choose to be a PA (physicians assistant) and work closely with doctors, a PA does many of the same functions and it requires far less schooling (usually a college degree and 3 year program but sometimes less.
A Nurse Practitioner also functions much like a PA or medical doctor with some exceptions. Depending n what state you live in an NP or PA can set up their own private practice. An NP degree usually takes a 4 year college degree then a Master's degree but this is changing, in some states an NP requires a doctoral degree in nursing.
Many MD's I have worked with recommend NP school rather than med school, largely due to the cost of med school.

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David’s Answer

Any medical degree would require 4 years of college with a minimum requirement of Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physics and other sciences. Then another 3-4 years of Medical schools. At that point, an MD degree is earned and an internship of 2-4 years is started followed by specialization. The easiest and shortest is probably podiatry