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Can you graduate from medical school early? Is it even possible?

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4 answers

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Sudeep’s Answer

Hello. I would consider asking this question a different way. For example, is time so vital to completion of a course, particularly Medical School?

I think this is where the essence of your question is. I say this because if we just go to your original question, the straightforward answer could be a yes, in which case we would question the quality, and if it the answer was a no, then we would ask where is the flexibility if someone can learn fast.

Going back to the question I posed, about time, the answer is, yes. Time is the essence of all. When I say time, I am not referring to speed as it is so often related to but to the process and journey of being complete or whole. So, if you want to be a good sound medical doctor then complete and follow the process and journey allowed and within the constraints and you will find a lot of joy in the learning and before you know it, time would have flown.

Thank you very much! Zemira M.

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Jennifer’s Answer

Hi, Zemira!

You may be interested in a combined degree program which allows students to shorten the time to completion of the MD degree. These accelerated BS/MD programs are offered at various institutions around the country. A quick search online produces these results: https://theperfectmed.com/combined-medical-programs/.

These programs are highly competitive, and I would ask myself "WHY?" you wish to accelerate your learning. You don't want to cheat yourself out of an experience that may enrich your life or save another's.

Thank you very much Ms. Haden. Zemira M.

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Sheara’s Answer

Hi Zemira,

It is not generally feasible to complete a graduate medical program early. Most graduate medical programs are given in either a 3 year or 4 year format. Students' will have a full credit load of courses each semester throughout the three or four years of their program, with very little time in between semesters.

Therefore, it makes it almost impossible to enroll in additional courses that would normally provide a student the ability to finish earlier than expected.

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Yasemin’s Answer

Hi Zemira! This a good question! I agree with previous answers; there are combined programs like BS/MD and BS/DO but I think they only maybe save you a year, like in all it's a 7 year program. That being said, medical school has a lot of requirements and it takes time to just complete the regular time span so completing it early does seem difficult. To be honest, you have so much to learn that the normal time range will be just enough, if not needing more!

Best of luck!

Okay, thank you! Zemira M.