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#planning My plan after graduating high school will be to attempt a shot in college to learn more about music such as MIX AND MASTERING. Because as a artist i rather learn to do it myself than waiting on someone else to do it for me. #school

Hi Michael, this isn't exactly a question. Did you want advice around which schools to attend or how to pursue the music path? Gurpreet Lally

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3 answers

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Juan M’s Answer

Hello! It is great that you are thinking about the various ways to learn more about the music industry and how to pursue a career in the field. Confidence and taking initiative are the most important things required for one to reach one's goals and aspirations. There are many great universities and colleges that have great music schools. That is definitely a path to consider. It is suggested that you do your research and see which colleges offer that you want and how well connected the school is with the industry. What you learn in colleges goes way beyond just the skills you will need for your career. You learn life lessons, soft skills, hard skills, networking, professional & personal development, and so much more. Also, most music schools have talent scholarships that can help lower the overall cost.

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Kiirsten’s Answer

Hello Michael!

That is great that you have a plan already, and looks to be somewhat of a passion as well? I'm not in the music industry but I would suggest reading some books on Mix and Mastering. While you're still in high school as well, maybe see if your local radio station has internships or volunteer work available-- this isn't specifically mix and mastering per se, but it will help you learn some technical things as well as get your name out there. After you graduate, look for a college that specializes in music (if you want), lots of schools offer scholarships as well so that's great!

Have fun!

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Renee’s Answer

Plan-music in mixing and mastering knowledge attainment

Backwards steps to reach attainment

-ensure high school graduation
-build a small mixing /mastering studio
-start making or remixing tracks
-catalog work for refinement
-apply to music program of your choice

*believe in yourself and make behavior modifications in order to prioritize and reach goals knowing obstacles will occur