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What are the best classes for becoming a welding technician?

I'm looking to know what classes I should take to be a welding technician.

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2 answers

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Esther Renee’s Answer

There are multiple ways in which you can become a welding technician. Too many to list here. However, here is a terrific resource to help guide you through the welding profession inclusive of educational resources (over 798 options listed) and varying levels of certifications (10 different certifications listed). Go to the American Welding Society www.aws.org

I believe you will be pleased with the number of resources and information made available to you. Also on the certification page, there is a list of online courses that may be of interest to you:
-CWI Pre-Seminar
-Welding Fundamentals
-Safety in Welding
-Fabrication Math Courses
-Understanding Welding Symbols
-Non-Destructive Testing

By exploring this specific list of course options you'll be equipped with options of courses you could take to help you begin your welding career. I hope this is helpful.

Esther Renee recommends the following next steps:

Go to the American Welding Society www.aws.org to explore many of the career options, educational requirements and resources.

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Christopher’s Answer

That’s not a simple question to answer. Do you have any schooling already, are you a beginner at a beginner level? What type of welding are you looking to do? Stick, MIG, TIG? Do you know? Do you know the difference? This will help you decide what course of action you need to choose in order to take the proper courses to get the results you’re looking for. If you need anything further feel free to ask and I’ll help and answer to the best of my ability.

Christopher recommends the following next steps:

Choose what form of welding you’d like to do
Decide if you want to do welding full time
Choose if you want to weld in a shop atmosphere or if you want to weld out in the field