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Are there any jobs/paid internships in New York City?

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4 answers

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Ro’s Answer

Due to COVID19, most internships are virtual, so paid internships are going to be difficult to obtain unless you get one at a large company that offers them (usually in the summer). That being said, of course there will be jobs and unpaid internships in the city. A lot will depend on which field you are seeking employment - for example the medical field is actually understaffed and may need nurses, administrators, and volunteers to assist with the large amount of patients (which is expected to increase again in the winter). Tech companies seem to be also rebounding slowly, and businesses associated with the stock market have been keeping busy.

If you are open to any field, then I suggest you first figure out which field you want to pursue and then check the job market (you can use, linkedin, glassdoor just to name a few online job search sites) to see the availability. Of course, one of the best ways to get a job is to get referred by someone you know, so contact people in your family and network to see if they know of any opportunities and can assist you. Another source to check out are your counselors and career services at your school. They should have contacts and know about opportunities, or at least know potential leads to give you.

Make sure you prepare to apply (resume, interview practice, prepare for online meetings) so you are a qualified candidate. Best of luck!
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Andrew’s Answer

Yes, definitely. There are many services out there that can help you try and find the right one for yourself. I'd recommend websites like LinkedIn in their "Jobs" section and also Indeed. I'd also recommend updating your resume.
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Anthony’s Answer

Hello Zemira, I am happy to help answer your question. If you are looking for any available job or internship, I would recommend checking out They are a good resource to specify particular locations and/or job types and then get a good listing of available options.

However, I would personally recommend trying to first figure out what field you are interested in pursuing. Joint LinkedIn if you haven’t already and make connections with professionals in your fields of interest. See if you can’t find a time to chat over the phone with a few of them to learn about specific career fields, which will help you narrow down your list. Then, once you have settled on a specific area or two, you can go back to Indeed or other similar sites and tailor your search to meet your area of interest. This will give you more appropriate results and will allow you to moved forward with the application process. I would finally recommend submitting as many applications as you can. You’re probably not going to hear back from every place you apply to, so the more you can submit the better.
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Cara’s Answer

Hi Zemira,

Yes, there are paid internships! Before researching paid internships, I'd ask yourself what type of internship are you looking for? Do you want an internship during the school year or over the summer? Internships during the school year are typically less competitive since most people want internships over the summer but there are typically less options available. As mentioned above, most internships now are virtual which widens the options available for you instead of internships just in your home city. Does your school have a career site or alumnae network? If so, I'd connect with them and see if you can send an email blast saying you're looking for an opportunity. Good luck!