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What college electives should I take if I want to major in nursing?

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2 answers

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Paula-Ann’s Answer

Hello Zemira,

Most college nursing programs require you to take a rigorous science-centered course load, and to participate in hands-on activities in healthcare settings such as hospitals, clinics, and laboratories.

Nursing major requirements can vary from school to school, but usual nursing requirements include a nutrition course, Chemistry 1 and 2 with at least one lab, Introduction to Psychology, Human Anatomy (structure of the body), Physiology (function of body parts), Human Development, Microbiology, Nursing Science or Nursing Fundamentals, Pharmacology, and Gerontology (study of older adults).

Other programs might require women and infant health courses, leadership management, communication courses, ethics courses, population health courses.

Other classes/electives you could take that might not be required, but could appear impressive to post-grad nursing programs and jobs include community and environmental nursing courses, clinical theory (teamwork and delivery expectations of being a nurse) courses, philosophy courses, religion courses, logic courses, and foreign language courses.

Some college programs might also require core curriculum which usually includes english composition, psychology, and sociology.

Paula-Ann recommends the following next steps:

I would research the best college nursing programs in my area, and compile a list of their requirements.
When you enter a college nursing program, create a four-year plan of what courses to take and when, so that you have a pre-planned schedule to complete all requirements all time.
If you are in high school, I would work to enter a duel enrollment program in a community college in my area, to complete core curriculum before college.
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Susan’s Answer

You will need to complete general studies and then specifically focus on nursing which is science-based. When deciding schools, you will went to understand their nursing program and any constraints. For example, some colleges do NOT allow students to retake a class or continue to pursue a nursing degree when they earn anything less than a C in their nursing track. This is important because it does not not provide any opportunity to continue with a nursing program at that particular college. Most schools should show some flexibility, however, you will want to know their policies around earning the degree in nursing. This is a noble profession and I wish you well!