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How long do I need to be in school for?

I'm a Sophomore and I am 15 years old. I love to do hair I do my own hair my sister's hair and I even do my big cousin's hair. I would like to know what are some things that Cosmetologist do each day. What are some things that I would need to know about this career? #cosmetology

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3 answers

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Kiirsten’s Answer

Hello Tatiyana!

Technically, I don't think there is a legal requirement to finish school-- BUT for many different jobs, a High School degree is mandatory, you're 15 now so you're almost done with that which is awesome! It sounds like you have a passion for doing hair and have some talent! While you're still in school, maybe see if you can get a part time job at a salon on the weekends? This will help build your resume and get you exposure in the industry :). One of my friends went to cosmetology school and learned all kinds of things on how to cut and color hair, do makeup, etc. There is a lot to learn and the certification process can be tricky, but it is worth it once everything is completed.

Good luck!!

Thanks for the help I will look into doing that because that sounds really nice to do. Tatiyana R.

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Mignon’s Answer

Hi Tatiyana,

It is wonderful that you have a passion for hair styling! If you are asking whether or not you should complete your high school diploma or GED before continuing onto cosmetology, I would say yes. Most programs will require either a diploma or GED. You can expect to be in hair school for anywhere from 9 months to 2 years. During that time, in addition to hands-on cutting, styling, coloring, or straightening hair, you will also learn the theory behind hair cutting and will have quizzes, tests, and finally a state-licensing board exam. I had attended a vocational barbering school, which also taught me cosmetology. My license exam included three haircuts and styling, a straight razor shave, and a multiple-choice exam.

A typical day as a stylist can vary. Generally, you will:
1. Consult with your client to confirm the cut or style they are looking for.
2. Shampoo, color, or straighten their hair. Cut and style.
3. You will also need to build your clientele, so there is a sales aspect to being a stylist.
4. When I started out cutting hair, I learned a variety of skills like applying makeup, razor hair cutting, perms, color and braiding hair. As a result, I had a lot of referrals in a variety of categories. That made the work fun!

Styling is an art and like any art, it takes practice. Keep practicing on your hair and on your friends/family. Have fun with the journey!

Mignon recommends the following next steps:

Speak with your guidance counselor to find out if there is a vocational program that allows you to attend high school and begin a cosmetology program at the same time.
Google cosmetology and barbering schools to ask what their programs involve, costs involved and length of program.
Contact local salons to see if you can shadow a stylist to find out the pros and cons of the job.
Research the tools you will need as a stylist and look online at beauty supply stores to get an idea of those costs.
Watch videos on cutting and styling techniques. Often stylists will post videos when they are teaching new skills.

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Craig’s Answer

As long as you can, remember you can take classes all your life and should to keep up to date

Thx for the help👍🏾 Tatiyana R.