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Wesley’s Avatar
Wesley Oct 28, 2015 1261 views

how do engineers make money

I want to know how engineers make money #engineering #money #fun

Darrian’s Avatar
Darrian Apr 16, 2015 1285 views

Which branch of engineering is best for me?

Hello, iam a junior in high school and I have an interest into engineering. I am debating on which branch is best for me. Currently, I am taking statistics in high school and i am fairly efficient in chemistry. Physics is not my strong suit but I can learn. I am leaning towards software...

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis Nov 08, 2021 1154 views

is taking courses for computer science at a young age worth it?

#computer #science #computer-science #computer-hardware

Cassandra’s Avatar
Cassandra Oct 27, 2016 2992 views

Is it hard to be a biology major in college?

I want to major in biology and I heard it was a difficult course #science #biology #marine-biology

Miranda’s Avatar
Miranda Oct 27, 2016 1078 views

Where do forensic scientists work?

I know that many forensic scientists work in laboratories and even police stations, but who hires them? Where would I go to to apply after I graduate from college? Is it through the government? Or are there private companies that can help with private parties? #science #biology #chemistry...

Aren’s Avatar
Aren Sep 07, 2021 530 views

what does it take to work as a 3d modeler for roblox

My name is Aren and ive been modeling and designing since 2018-2019 and Ive been playing roblox since 2012, I would like to try to get a job at roblox as a 3d modeler and 3d designer someday

#roblox #3dmodeler #designer #technology

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Nov 01, 2021 461 views

How hard is it to become a professional curler?


#Curling #sports #athletics

Toni’s Avatar
Toni Sep 12, 2021 621 views

what job can i obtain with pob chemistry and biology

i am young and open to try knew things as a student #biology #pob #chemistry #science #research

Gudani’s Avatar
Gudani Aug 22, 2021 714 views

How can I find a part time job? I'm a student in BSC(physics and Chemistry)

I am a hardworking student who want to be independent in life
#women's must rise #physics #chem #chemistry #STEM #science

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Oct 05, 2021 602 views

What career do you want and what are your goals?

I want to be a software engineer because it has a very high rate of pay and it is what I am interested in, in the digital age. #technology #software-development #engineering

Danny’s Avatar
Danny Sep 16, 2021 474 views

What do you do in software engineering

I go to Galileo. #engineering

Justin’s Avatar
Justin Oct 05, 2021 678 views

I want to be a software engineer at Cloudera alongside my dad. How do I do that?

#software #computer-software #engineering #technology

Abby’s Avatar
Abby Oct 25, 2021 774 views

What does an applications engineer do?

I've heard mention of the job title "applications engineer" at an optics conference I attended recently. It seems like they work with customers to develop a product based on the customer's specifications. I'm interested in science communication and hands-on physics / engineering. Is this the...

Jervoris’s Avatar
Jervoris Oct 27, 2021 693 views

What are the possibilities I have with a CompE Degree?

I am a junior/ senior in college studying Computer Engineering and I am excited but worried about what's to come next. #college #computer #engineering #computer-science #engineer #computerengineer #computer-software

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Oct 28, 2021 440 views

With Sound Engineering, how much time would you say you devote to your job?

#engineering #engineer #job #career