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Which branch of engineering is best for me?

Asked Kansas City, Missouri

iam a junior in high school and I have an interest into engineering. I am debating on which branch is best for me. Currently, I am taking statistics in high school and i am fairly efficient in chemistry. Physics is not my strong suit but I can learn. I am leaning towards software engineering or chemical engineering or maybe even civil engineering. Which one of these, in your best opinion would best suit me? #engineering #numbers

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Ryan’s Answer

Updated Lowell, Massachusetts

This is a great time in your life to start thinking about what type of engineering you'd like to pursue, as certain colleges will have stronger programs in certain fields.

Honestly, it's hard to decide what the best field of engineering would be for you, as that's something that only you can figure out. What I will say is that the best way to find out would be to talk to people working in industry, and ask them directly about what their experiences have been.

Also keep in mind what you want to do with the engineering degree you obtain. One of the great things about engineering is that each particular field of study has applications in numerous industries. Take for example software engineering. You could be a software engineer for an oil refinery, financial services company, non-profit education, or any other industry you can think of. Chemical engineers are sometimes known for working in pharmaceuticals, but they also do work in energy production, consumer products, and cosmetics.

So really the two steps I would take would be to decide what you think you'd like to work in, and spend some time talking to people working in those types of positions. Don't forget, whatever major you choose, that won't prevent you from switching later on while in school, or working in an entirely different field later in life.

Good luck!