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how do engineers make money

I want to know how engineers make money #engineering #money #fun

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Matt’s Answer

  1. Salaried employee of a company. You'll get a base salary (typically yearly, paid either every two weeks, or twice a month.)

  2. Independent contractor or consulting engineer. You'll bill customers directly for your work, often on a project basis, with payments on key milestones.

  3. Hourly employee of a company. Instead of a salary, you'll get an hourly wage that determines your total pay based on the number of hours you work. Typically hourly employees are eligible for overtime pay (paid at a higher rate when working more than, for example, 40 hours per week.)

  4. Bonus payments, often based on performance. (Often a part of type 1 and 3. Sometimes also part of the contract for type 2.)

  5. Equity (stock) in a company. Often part of type 1. Common practice is to give "Restricted Stock Units" or "stock options" to employees that "vest" (become available for the employee to sell) over a period of time, typically three or four years. For example, a company might give a new employee 100 RSUs that vest over four years, with 25% coming available to sell every year.

  6. (Joke!) Bribes!

  7. Write a book. Textbook or something else related to your field.

One more I just thought of: Own a company that employs others. Matt Manuel

thank you for the great info Justin S.

Michigan Tech Univ put out a table that ranges from $60,000-$110,000. http://www.mtu.edu/engineering/outreach/welcome/salary/ Matthew Pearlson

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