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Glendale, California
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i want to be a designer and 3d modeler at roblox



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Aren Sep 09, 2021 506 views

how long does it usually take to get experienced in 3d animation

iv'e been doing modeling in blender since 2018 and iv'e started to learn 3d animation and would like to know more and what it takes to be experienced too, #3d-animation #animation #3D #design #artist #graphic-design #art #video-games

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Aren Sep 07, 2021 529 views

what does it take to work as a 3d modeler for roblox

My name is Aren and ive been modeling and designing since 2018-2019 and Ive been playing roblox since 2012, I would like to try to get a job at roblox as a 3d modeler and 3d designer someday

#roblox #3dmodeler #designer #technology