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What are other available jobs for an English major besides teaching?

I want to major in English but don't want to be a teacher. Is there any other path I can take to use my degree? #journalism #english

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3 answers

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Wael’s Answer

Check the link below.


Thank you very much janani S.

You are welcome. Wael Al-Rihawi

Thank you very much Thrisha A.

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Brian P. D.’s Answer

When I was a college student, the most popular major was English. That is because it does not hold you to one category or predetermined career. Being an English major means you have done a lot of reading, can write well, and are generally a well-educated, well-rounded student and person. Those are the types of people that employers in pretty much every field look for and there are no limits as to where you can go after graduation.

Generally, an English major often leads people to careers that are not directly related to math and science and require good communication skills. This could be teaching, but also journalism (newspapers, magazines, websites, television and radio), publishing (magazines, journals or books), public relations (every company needs helps with this), government (spokespeople, public relations, editing, grant writing, speech writing), academic research (history, psychology, sociology, literature), fundraising, volunteer organizations, the arts.

An English degree should be considered a door that opens to numerous possibilities.

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Robert’s Answer

Journalism, communications, being an editor. Working in public relations. I think there are a lot of opportunities.