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What are some good jobs to help people become healthier, recover from injury, or get in shape.

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5 answers

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Caren’s Answer

There are many different jobs to help people become healthier, recover from injury, or get in shape. Healthcare providers like doctors, physician's assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, medical technicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, and similar healthcare professionals help people become healthier and recover from injuries. Trainers and coaches help people get in shape. However, there are many other types of jobs that help people in these areas, such that you may want to think more broadly about what you're interested in and how you can apply your interests, talents, and skills to these health-related fields. For example, medical and pharmaceutical researchers and professionals, pharmacists, and jobs supporting healthcare products, medicine, supplements, and treatments, also fit the bill. You could also work to improve healthcare policy from various vantage points, including government, corporations, or non-profit organizations. You could help communicate and advocate for patient case as a patient advocate. You could work for a news organization, publication, technology company or other business focused on health and wellness -- think about products that help people to plan and prepare healthy meals, magazines or websites that focus on fitness, companies that make exercise equipment, or applications that connect people to create healthy communities. Whatever you decide to explore and pursue, good luck!

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Richardson’s Answer

Hello Kayleb,

When I was in High School I was 225 Pounds. I enlisted in the Marine Corps in February of 2016 and finished boot camp weighing 165 pounds in September 2016. Although it does get you in good shape and teach you a lot about physical fitness, it can be quite difficult if you have and existing injury.

Thank you,

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Phyllis’s Answer

So there are a few career choices that might interest you. They are:

Program Specialist.
Fitness Director.
Wellness Director.
Personal Trainer Manager.
Athletic Performance Coach.

I hope this helps!

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JOHN’s Answer

First and foremost, great question and interest in such topics. Fantastic responses by others that gift the path of various jobs that welcome the help in society that you are asking about.

People that help with mental health(Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Therapists, Counselors, etc.)
Herbalists - Helping individuals find herbal medicines that gift a better proactive health. Red Cabbage for brain health. Oats for overall good health. Sumac for respiratory. Celery Seeds for blood pressure. Walks in nature that help reduce anxiety and depression. Tons of possibilities within nature's medicinal cabinet so to say.

Some quick suggestions.

I am thankful for your question and the tremendous existence you have to give.

God Bless,

John German

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Yasemin’s Answer

HI Kayleb! I agree with previous answers. For example my brother actually was a fitness trainer and helped many people in losing weight and becoming healthier ( one of them was his Physics professor) and he also knew much about how to help with injuries. This actually inspired him to become a physician as well because he began with exercise science and I believe that his experiences as a fitness trainer allowed him to become a better physician in helping his patients.

Best of luck!