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snehal Sep 26 201 views

How can I become a doctor?

I'm interested in this path

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Carolyn Sep 26 206 views

How Do I help displaced teens?

How do you start a home for teens displaced for abuse or runaway?,
I’m interested in doing this someday. How do I get started?
What are laws about it?

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Carolyn Sep 27 137 views

What dance schools are the best for ballerinas?

I’m a junior in high school and I want to be a professional ballerina, I’ve done dance since I was 8 and love it, but I’m confused where to go after high school. I know about schools and academy’s but I don’t want to go to NYC or California if possible. What are the best schools? How do I get...

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ava Sep 27 147 views

Part time fashion internship/job in Milan Italy?

how to find part time fashion jobs/internships in milan italy for college students!

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Veronica Sep 21 134 views

What is the best way to be responsible with money?

I am driving now and have to pay for gas. But I like shopping online and going through fast food places. How do I discipline myself so I have money for gas and extra money for spending how I want?

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Madonna Sep 22 119 views

How did you know that you wanted to be a nurse? What are some tips that student in nursing school should know?

I an interested in becoming a Neonatal Nurse.

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April Sep 22 103 views

How difficult is it to become a professional athlete?

I'm a school counselor trying to see how this works. I may consider utilizing this at the start of each lesson and share the response at the end of class.

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Ari Sep 22 244 views

How do I find the right job for me?

When will I find a job that seeks my attention?
How do I find I job I know I'll be happy with when I'm not interested in anything currently ?
What career best suits easy-going persuasive people?

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Lauren Jul 18 180 views

What should I do before I apply to colleges and related programs/scholarships in order to have a competitive application that stands out?

I am getting ready to go into my senior year of high school and want to make the most out of it before I apply to colleges and related programs/scholarships. I am interested in doing biochemistry and animal sciences, considering double majoring. My long term goal is to go to vet school. I...

Destiny’s Avatar
Destiny Jul 18 109 views

What are things I should avoid when auditioning?

How do I get into acting? What’s the best way to find an audition? What are things I should avoid when auditioning? Is there any extra advice you may have?

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Vivienne Jul 17 219 views

What level of College education do you suggest future astrophysicists need to be successful in their career path? Why is this level of education necessary?

I'm a young student who wants to pursue a career in space science, specifically astrophysics. Stem is very important to me and I want to know what level of college education will allow me to be the most successful.

Isaiah’s Avatar
Isaiah Jul 17 152 views

Do I have to stick to just one thing?

I know that I want to go into the entertainment industry but I’m not sure if I want to animate, direct, or act. Is it possible to do all three and still be successful? Also if I can’t but I’m also not sure which I want to stick with, what should I do when selecting my major?

Mia’s Avatar
Mia Jul 17 161 views

When looking to go into a career in Cyber Security, what colleges and majors do you recommend? Are there certain experiences or backgrounds that companies look for when hiring?

I'm currently going into my junior year in high school and plan on looking more into opportunities to expand my Cyber Security knowledge this upcoming summer!

Catherine’s Avatar
Catherine Jul 17 182 views

Where are the best places to find internships related to law, government, or public service as a high school student and how can you make yourself stand out?

I am interested in studying political science, public policy, and international relations. I have done fellowships and internships related to politics locally, but I want to expand. I am not sure where to look.

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Myra Jul 17 118 views

How do I prepare for racism in highschool ?

How do you prepare for racism in high school. I’m African American and I haven’t experienced a lot of racism in school but I’m worried for highschool.