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Dalton, Massachusetts
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collin Apr 02 298 views

How can I become a plumber what education would I need after high school? Is this a good job if you want to make good money from a trade? If I do decide to get into this trade what would my working conditions be like, and would it be able to support me financially?

high school, Massachusetts, junior

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collin Mar 28 135 views

How would I become a boiler maker if I am a junior in high school when would I be able to shadow someone considering I don't know how to install or work on a boiler. Would this job give me a steady income and support a family?

Massachusetts, junior, want to have a good job.

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collin Mar 06 878 views

I am interested in being an electrician I work best in an environment with in-person work, relaxed paced, and structure so I know what I am doing . What career options would I be interested in?

I don't mind working hard but, I still want to make decent money.