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What's the best college to go to; to become a Realtor?

I would want to design homes. I want to help people to sell their home. #interior-designer #interior-designer

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2 answers

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Hassan’s Answer

According to https://www.americanrealtyacademy.com/how-to-become-a-real-estate-agent-in-arizona/ you do not need a college degree to obtain a realtor license.

If you want to design homes than you'd likely need an architecture degree and AZ license. Here are a couple of sources for best colleges:

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Roxanne’s Answer

It’s so much fun and satisfying designing homes and buildings in general, but you need to be an architect not a realtor. I did the long way and did my undergrad in finance then just got good at 3D modeling and drafting in Revit which got me into architecture firms as a consultant and eventually I learned enough to be an architectural designer, which if you work under a registered architect at a firm, is all you need to design homes. To be a registered architect and work for yourself you’ll need to work under another architect for the minimum years set by your state and pass the ARE exams.