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Keon G.

Mesa, AZ
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Keon G. Sep 29, 2020 273 views

How much money do you make as a Realtor.

I like realtor. I like houses! money income...


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Keon G. Sep 24, 2020 184 views

What's the best college to go to; to become a Realtor?

I would want to design homes. I want to help people to sell their home. interior-designer...

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Keon G. Sep 22, 2020 246 views

If your a realtor could you design someones house?

I would love to design houses because I play this game Where i build and design homes. Realtor designer Bloxburg...


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Keon G. Sep 22, 2020 436 views

How many houses do you sell a month?

I would like to be a realtor. I love houses! I play this game called "Bloxburg" I design and build houses. I would love to become a realtor one day. realtor Roblox Bloxburg HouseDesigner...


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Keon G. Sep 18, 2020 174 views

How long does a surgery procedure take?

I would love to be a pediatric surgeon. I dream about it everyday. pediatric-Surgeon pediatrics...