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Mesa, Arizona

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C’s Avatar
C May 22 370 views

How can someone start practicing game development?

How can someone begin practicing working on games?
Where do they start in this field; the best place to begin?
What do they do to find their career path in this subject?

Irene’s Avatar
Irene May 22 394 views

Medicine & Medical Foundation

How can students find some resources about medicine in the Medical Foundations in a High school that will help them be fully prepared for what Medical career they to take to be in a Medical field?

Bryan’s Avatar
Bryan May 22 179 views

Barber School?

What should I learn to be a good barber? what kind of barber trade schools should I go to?

Cyprianna’s Avatar
Cyprianna May 22 302 views

What can I do to accomplish my goal while still being in high school with hard classes?

I always wanted to be a cosmetologist or an aesthetician ever since I was young and I want to get my license in one of those careers. I have a chance of getting my Aesthetician license early, but I have a question; am I able to get like an internship or able to work early in that desire career...

olivia’s Avatar
olivia May 22 277 views

what are some jobs for history and mythology?

I'm 16 and love history and mythology and was wondering what kind of career i could go in that works specifically with history and mythology

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan May 22 132 views

How do I start my singing career?

How could I start singing? Yes next year I know I will be in choir and it has really inspired me and I was wondering where could I begin at?

olivia’s Avatar
olivia May 22 117 views

what do mythologist do?

what work does a mythologist focus on

Leonel’s Avatar
Leonel May 22 230 views

Why do you like the profession you are doing?

Why do you guys like the career or job or even profession you guys do?

Anita’s Avatar
Anita May 21 386 views

What is the important things you need to know about interior designing?

Where should you begin?

Alison’s Avatar
Alison May 21 209 views

How can i start a career as a psychologist?

How can I start a career in psychology as a high school student with no knowledge of the study of mind and no knowledge on how to start a path to a psychology career

Adamaris’s Avatar
Adamaris May 21 166 views

Where do you Start to find your interests, college majors, skills, and hobbies?

Find your interests, college majors, skills, and hobbies

adrian’s Avatar
adrian May 21 102 views

How to become an Anesthesiologist? I need help on how. Why, because they make good money and my anesthesiologist helped calm me down when I went into surgery.?

Anesthesiologist. I need help on how. Why, because they make good money and my anesthesiologist helped calm me down when I went into surgery.

eden’s Avatar
eden May 21 104 views

what are some ways to get noticed by college coaches if I cant go to college camps?

high school a nd college football

Xavier’s Avatar
Xavier May 21 454 views

What are an engineer's first thoughts when dealing with a problem?

I am a freshman whose dream job is to be an engineer and I want to know what I should look for when faced with fixing a problem.

Yolanda’s Avatar
Yolanda May 16 332 views

What are some common mistakes to avoid in a job interview?

I am a student in grade 11 and would like to understand how interview patterns are structured especially in the area of construction.

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