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Advices or Alternatives?

I really wanted to do interior designing but my family says that there is no money at this type of job and it isn't that easy to find clients because most of the clients are only for rich people any advice and alternatives that are like interior designing. sorry for my grammar but thank you in advance! #career #interior-designer #interiordesigner #career-choice

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3 answers

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traci’s Answer

Interior design is a great career opportunity and offers a variety of options. You can work in the residential (for families) or commercial (for business) side, or both in some cases. The salaries will vary by your education, experience and where you are (the market around you). If you are wanting to try something within the field to gain experience you could work in places like a paint store (to learn the properties of paint and colors, the light reflectance value, etc), a fabric manufacturer or distributor (to learn about fabric, how it is made, the different types of materials, the "hand", etc), a flooring store, and many more. These experiences will give you insight into factions of what you might be working with in your day to day design career and help you to make a decision about moving forward. As to the statement about clients are only rich people, there is much more to this career. It sounds like they may be talking about opening your own firm and that can be challenging as it is in any industry. However, you can work within a firm (company), small or large to find a good fit for your strengths and talents. Good luck!!

traci recommends the following next steps:

take any local classes available on the subject to gauge your interest level
find a job at a local store that supports the design field (some examples given in the answer)
call local design firms in your area and ask if they provide a shadowing or mentoring experience where you can come into their business and follow staff through out their day to see what the work is like.

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Leahanne’s Answer

You can make money at anything and not make money at anything. Traditional career paths are being replaced by individuals creating their own work and paths. Figure out who you want to serve and how you want to serve them (i.e. what skills are you best suited to leverage), if it's design, then by all means - go for it. As the previous answer said there are many applications of that (residential, commercial) but also you can design things and tools that can help people in their homes, so don't limit your thinking about what "interior design" is either. You can make it into whatever you want it to be.

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James’s Answer

1) Do what you’re interested in. You’ll be more successful, and you can always develop into a different role.

2) There’s plenty to do in any industry/ profession. You might have to think out side the box a little, for example do some business or marketing training on how to go out and get clients. (That part might actually be fun.) they’re right, folks probably aren’t just going to come to you at first so the job might be half sales and building leads so you can do the other half- the actual designing! I’m not an interior designer, but I do know how drumming up business and finding jobs works. Another thought is that there probably ARE other related roles that would be still in the industry but have a steady income. Go talk to and help some interior designers to find out what those roles are! (even if just as a visit)

OH- one more thing... you’ll always have people say “don’t do that career” for some silly reason. If it’s what you really have a desire for and think it’s your niche, just get involved and see what happens.