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What courses do I require to take for dentistry?

I am asking this question because I am interested in that major. #dentistry #dentist #dental

Thank you comment icon Some schools may have slightly different requirements but these are generally required by all dental schools: Physics 1 + lab Physics 2 + lab Inorganic Chemistry 1 + lab Inorganic Chemistry 2 + lab Organic Chemistry 1 + lab Organic Chemistry 2 + lab Pre-calculus Sociology Psychology 8 credits in intro biology course Microbiology Statistics English 1 English 2 Mustafa
Thank you comment icon All dental schools require the following courses: •Biology with Lab. •Inorganic Chemistry with Lab. •Organic Chemistry with Lab. •Physics with Lab. •Most require that you take a semester of English (usually writing-based) Laura Grandi
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1 answer

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Delfi’s Answer

I think this is a great idea! You should pursue it! You can get your degree in any field you want. You'll just have to make sure you take the necessary courses to get into Dental School. I provided some steps below:

Delfi recommends the following next steps:

Determine why you want to be a Dentist
Search for Dental Schools and schedule a visit (this will give you the opportunity to make sure this is a career that really interest you)
Each school will provide a list of courses that are required to enter Dental School
You will have to finish your undergraduate degree first, then 4-years of Dental School