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I am torn between pursuing a career as a scientist (physicist) and a dancer. what should i do?

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I have alway known myself to be fascinated by mysteries of life, by nature, by knowledge, by the pure delight of making my own discovery in a laboratory I dream to own and privately run. I have a chicken pet, and that is because I strongly believe they are smarter than they look.
Dancing is something I have always done since I was young, and with my current understanding, it had become something more than just a means of entertainment to me. I love dancing to operas, and every kind of slow-going strong emotional songs because they allows me to dive deep into myself, performing in a close-to-be-a-meditative state where I feel connected to the core of my being. i feel like i am trying to delve into my unconscious to dig out those mysteries that lay within it while dancing. suffix to say my dancing is an outpour of emotions demonstrated with the movement of the limps, body, and hips.
I am free-spirited. Don't want to ever feel trapped in a place, so their is the desire to be my own boss. Not interested in business at all.
They are my two passions and I don't want to give up one for the other.

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6 answers

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BJ’s Answer

Hi Temidayo,

I'm a successful software sales executive at Atlassian. But before that, I was a professional athlete. I followed my dreams and competed in the 2000 Olympics and then retired to start to pursue my career. Athletics are something you can't do forever, at least competitively and at a high level. Your career will be there, your mind will only get better with age. My advice would be dance until you can't do that, then dive into the science world with all the passion and commitment you brought to the dancing world. You will be successful at both!

Best to you,

Thanks so much BJ. Temidayo A.

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David’s Answer

Where does it say, that you have to give up one for the other? I was torn about two methods of a spiritual pursuit, about twenty years ago. The instructor told me to do both for a while. Guess what, I’m still doing both. And what’s wrong with a chicken as a pet? If dance is a way for you to be one with the universe, then don’t stop, for now. You may have to slow down a little one day as you get older. But that’s normal. Just, because you are pursuing a strong spiritual path, doesn’t mean some sort of sacrifice is required, I thought when I started the job I’m in now, that I must give up this in order to do that. Wrong! You have two passions for a reason!

And don’t forget to listen to the universe’s voice, when your mind gets real quiet during dance. And you can write it down if you want, at the end of a session, but it’s not necessary. Some times the only answer is the quiet mind. That’s what it wants you to do. Be still and hear nothing.

Thanks for your concern and answer, David Temidayo A.

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Ghenna’s Answer

Hello Temidayo,

Through your description, I can tell that you genuinely have a passion for both subjects and that is perfectly fine. You can do both. In today's age many people either combine their interests or choose one as a career and the other as a hobby. For me personally, I have a passion for dentistry, working with kids, as well as helping my community, which is why I have chosen to pursue Pediatric Dentistry in hopes of also one day opening my own free clinic to serve my community. I also really enjoy making pinatas, so I partake in that during my free time. There are many factors that come into play when deciding what to pursue, but what is important, is deciding to pursue what you'll enjoy doing.


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Fiwany’s Answer

Hi there,

I have had the same conflict as you, albeit not exactly the same. I was debating whether I should pursue a career in STEM or go for something more creative like graphic design. Ultimately, I chose to pursue a STEM degree, but throughout my time at college so far, I have been able to continue exploring my passion/interest for graphic design through joining clubs and organizations. Another thing that you could do is major in the science field that you are interested in and minor in dance. If you found out that you do not enjoy this, you can always switch your major.

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Ed’s Answer

Since you put both on the table, I am assuming you have a great interest and passion for each. Given that, my practical stance would be the scientist. I think you will have more opportunities to make a better living - assuming that is of any importance to you. I agree with the other advice that you should not do something that doesn't interest you, but again, you offered both. So, I lean toward the practical side of giving yourself more opportunities for making more money.
Note, however, that you don't need to give up dancing to be a scientist. Maybe make it your hobby, or become a dance assistant where you can find hours that allow you to do both.

Best of luck!

I thought that too, I mean the reality of life. Thanks for you answer, I found it helpful in sorting through the tangles. Temidayo A.

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Dante’s Answer

Which one do you love and have a passion for? NEVER do anything that your heart isn't into. It is a waste of time. Go for the one that you have love and passion for.

Thanks, Dante. Temidayo A.