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Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Dec 01, 2021 512 views

What happens after several years of service?

I would like to work in a field related to police, investigation and entrepreneurship.
#police #business
#investigate #any

Jakayla’s Avatar
Jakayla Oct 26, 2021 399 views

how long should you go to school for cosmetology


Dylan’s Avatar
Dylan Oct 26, 2021 465 views

When should you start taking your career seriously.

Sports Marketing #sports

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Aug 17, 2021 966 views

Can i go into a dental program at a community college & transfer to a university that does not have a dental program and still be a dental hygienist ?

#dentist #dental-hygienist #college

Jeremiah’s Avatar
Jeremiah Sep 13, 2021 651 views

What is the best way to get through stress?

I like to watch anime, play basketball and videogames, as well as sing. #greatness

laura’s Avatar
laura Sep 09, 2021 716 views

i want to go to a medical field in college, but how do i choose which one is better for me?

#nursing #medicine #college #healthcare what do i choose?

Leetsy’s Avatar
Leetsy Sep 05, 2021 1200 views

How do you become a medical doctor?

After undergrad and receiving your bachelor’s degree, do you continue to grad school then med school? Or after undergrad, you go straight to med school? #doctor #medical #college #medicine #premed

Gabriel’s Avatar
Gabriel Aug 31, 2021 2347 views

What things should I avoid saying in a job interview?

#job #interviews #job-search #interviewing-skills

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Sep 01, 2021 517 views

What are 3 important things that I should know about this kind of career

Hello, i'm planning on going into the culinary arts with my local job corps. My main question is what are 3 important things that I should know about this kind of career?

#chef #cooking #culinary-arts

Gabriel’s Avatar
Gabriel Aug 31, 2021 1121 views

What is one of the most important things I have to say in a job interview?

#job #interviews #job-search #job-application

Oscar’s Avatar
Oscar Oct 27, 2020 454 views

How does a student fill out a fafsa if they don’t have a social security number?

I want to fill out the fafsa to receive non federal aid but what happens to those that don’t a social security number? #fafsa #students

Izbella’s Avatar
Izbella Oct 27, 2020 748 views

What type of classes should I take to prepare for college?

Currently I am a highschooler and although I am in classes that prepare me for college I am not taking any classes that can prepare me for law ( I am unaware if there even is any),please write some classes that can prepare me for college as someone who will major as a lawyer. #lawyer #college...

Marco’s Avatar
Marco Oct 03, 2020 617 views

What are the best Scholarships available?

#law #college#scholarship

Temidayo’s Avatar
Temidayo Sep 26, 2020 649 views

I am torn between pursuing a career as a scientist (physicist) and a dancer. what should i do?

#scientist #dancing I have alway known myself to be fascinated by mysteries of life, by nature, by knowledge, by the pure delight of making my own discovery in a laboratory I dream to own and privately run. I have a chicken pet, and that is because I strongly believe they are smarter than they...

Daniela’s Avatar
Daniela Aug 21, 2020 535 views

How can I get scholarships? Is there any good websites or programs?

#career #medical #career-advice #school #medicine #career-path