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Can i go into a dental program at a community college & transfer to a university that does not have a dental program and still be a dental hygienist ?

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3 answers

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Melody’s Answer

Greetings Sarah,
Here is a website:

Basically, you will need to complete that program then take an examination. You probably do not want to switch to a college or university before you complete the program. There is the matter of not having a dental hygienist program, credits not transferring and possibly delaying you ability to take the examination. You will want to look at you timing (how long) and expense( how much) to make the best choice for your situation. Definitely, do more research and call your dentist office or a dentist office and talk with a dental hygienist to get a better picture as well as contacts for follow up questions.
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Dante’s Answer

YES you can!

Going to a community college for your Associates degree in Dental Hygiene will help with the following:

1. You will be able to take your General Education classes and some of your core Dental Hygiene classes and transfer them to a four-year university through articulation (speak to the community college advisor about that).

2. You can minimize the amount of student loan debt you will accrue pursuing your Bachelors degree in Dental Hygiene. Based on your income, you will get a lot of financial aid (i.e. Pell Grant) at the community college to pay for your classes and fees.
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Allen’s Answer

Sarah, two tracks for role. The traditional 4 year degree or a two year program through a preceptorship. The preceptorship program is a combination of hands on academics. Look into roles beyond general dentistry as a hygienist. The suppliers need trainers, outside sales of dental equipment, clinical services in a periodontist office, criminal forensics with an odonatologist, and others. The training is roughly the same but the pay is a bit more when you practice outside of general dentistry.