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i am unable to remember formulas in maths give me an easy way to remember it/

i want to solve problems easily. maths

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2 answers

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Rajeshware’s Answer

Try to break down the formula into parts and relate it by taking a physical real life object. For example if you would like to find the area of a cube or cuboid, think of a square or rectangular room. You can think of your study room and break down the formula.
I have come across students finding it difficult to learn the surface area formulas of cube, cuboid, cylinder, cone, sphere, etc. You can pick up a real life object like a tennis ball for a sphere, or an ice cream cone for a cone and so on. You can also check on the internet and search for easy method to remmeber a formula. I have come across many websites which explain the formulas easily depending on the area. As mentioned in another answer, you can use catch phrases or relate to a song or any memory for the formula.
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Wael’s Answer

Use catch phrases to remember them.