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Is the best decision to take a gap year before going to college if you are unsure about your career path?

Updated Wyandanch, New York

The biggest question I ask myself when thinking about college is if I am going to waste not only my time, but money I do not have if I attend college as an undecided major. One of the greatest pressures high school seniors face is the dilemma of choosing to go straight to college or to opt for a gap year. Financially, does it make more sense to take this gap year to "figure" myself out before making the commitment to go to college? #college #teacher #education #counselor #financial-aid #undecided

4 answers

Wilonda’s Answer

Updated San Angelo, Texas

Most careers require a college degree. A college degree will get opportunities and consideration that you may not get without one. If you know you want to go to college but simply do not know what field of study you want to pursue, it still would be good to go to college and get the basics completed as every degree plan has to have the basics. A community college might be more affordable and give the transferable credits needed when a career path is chosen. Education is power.

Alyssa’s Answer

Updated Ocala, Florida

I think taking some time to work or volunteer in a few professions to decide on your major will keep you from wasting resources, both time and money. One thing to remember is that there is a cap on federal financial aid, so using that money without having a finish line in mind may mean you don't have the money left to cross that finish line in the future.

Wael’s Answer

Updated Redford Charter Township, Michigan

I agree with you fully! Going to college with no goal is a mistake; however, decide swiftly and don't make the year gap into two or longer. Life is short!

Vaughn E.’s Answer

Updated Greenwood, Indiana

That is an excellent idea!! Even if it includes volunteering :) Choose something along the path of your passions & strengths. The amount of experience you'll gain in developing soft skills & self-understanding will be pricele$$!!!