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Cristal L. May 26, 2016 506 views

Is the best decision to take a gap year before going to college if you are unsure about your career path?

The biggest question I ask myself when thinking about college is if I am going to waste not only my time, but money I do not have if I attend college as an undecided major. One of the greatest pressures high school seniors face is the dilemma of choosing to go straight to college or to opt for...

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Cristal L. May 26, 2016 566 views

Is college worth the cost?

For most middle-class millennial's, college is seen as a luxury most cannot afford. However, we see the difference an education can make in our standard of living. But, how can any person who wants to acquire a higher socio-economic status achieve this if the cost is more than what we can...

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