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What can I do if I don't know what I want to do in the future?

I don't know what career I can pursue in the future and college is coming in 2-3 years! I need some advice for this because I also join some clubs and I don't know what subject I am interested in in school. #career #help #advice #interest

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4 answers

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Joel’s Answer

Start by focusing on the 3-5 things you are best at and also those that you enjoy the most in school. Think about what possibilities there are to take them further.
In truth, it's very hard to see and understand all the different jobs that exist. What is key for you not deciding the details of what you want to be right now, but choosing the direction you want to go in. I changed my major late in my second year at college, but I was on the right path (I.e. I was at the best college I could get into and my general credits were still accumulating). Therefore it was a path adjustment rather than a fresh start.

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Ken’s Answer

Hi Katherine!

You asked a very important question. I have presented three perspectives on the subject, as everyone is not the same.


Hopefully this will give you some ideas.

Also, you could go the your school counselor, who might have some helpful tools that may help you.

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Mireya’s Answer

Well, I think it is hard when you first get out of high school to know what to study. I would recommend for you to follow your passion, taking a skill/interest test that will allow you to find what your best fit maybe. Also, read Forbes magazine as this will also give you info on the best degrees, fastest growing jobs, salaries, etc.
Hope that helps, i know when I was young I wanted to be a doctor, then changed to pharmacy and got my degree on Retail Management.

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Felicia G’s Answer

Hi Katherine! have you ever taken a career assessment?