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Sami F. Mar 09, 2016 772 views

Would University of California, Berkeley accept me If I kept these grades up? ENG - 102 Trig - 98.37 Science - 96.32 Global History - 95.5

I'm a Sophomore and I really really want to get into Berkeley. What things would I need to do, other than have good grades, in order to have a higher chance for getting into Berkeley ? college university berkeley...


Gokila R.’s Avatar
Gokila R. Apr 16, 2016 1369 views

Do become a police officer what should be my qualification?

What should I complete for choosing police officer. Do I need any extra curricular activities to be done. career...


Mary B.’s Avatar
Mary B. May 05, 2016 703 views

Is it better to go to grad school at a different university than your undergrad?

I've heard people say this and I'm just curious if it was true or not. career career-path...


Andrea L.’s Avatar
Andrea L. May 08, 2016 804 views

Does it matter where you get your undergraduates degree when going into medical school?

I am a sophomore in high school and am looking to become a neurosurgeon. If wanting to get into a good medical school, do I have to go to a well-known university first? college medicine university graduate medicine-school surgery surgeon...


Alexis H.’s Avatar
Alexis H. May 10, 2016 3521 views

Does Marketing require a high Math Level?

I'm not that good at math, but I like Marketing. I'm worried that I will have to take a high math level class. college marketing...


Nickolas H.’s Avatar
Nickolas H. May 13, 2016 742 views

Is College just like High School just with Adults

Is it fair to say that if you were popular in high school the same will be for college and vice versa? I have seen non social people shine and blossom when they come home college and also seen popular people struggle with their high school self....


Greg S.’s Avatar
Greg S. May 14, 2016 464 views

Once I get to school, what is the most affective way to increase my financial aid package?

I want to be able to have a great college experience for as cheap as possible....


Kaedyn C.’s Avatar
Kaedyn C. May 16, 2016 994 views

I am majoring in psychology this fall; besides other psychology classes what courses should I enroll in to best prepare me for my future career in psychology?

I am doing everything in my power to create a successful future for myself, and I believe the classes you take in college can have a significant impact. Before I create my schedule, I want to know what kind of classes will help me improve, and create skills I need for my future career....

college-major mental-health clinical-psychology career-counseling counseling sociology psychology school-psychology

Kaedyn C.’s Avatar
Kaedyn C. May 16, 2016 2167 views

I am pursuing a major in psychology this fall, what would be a wise minor to get along with a psychology major?

I understand that it is difficult to get a good career in psychology without at least master's degree (even doctorate, PhD, or PsyD). I want to make myself employable while I am in the progress of getting one of those higher degrees in psychology. I want to minor in something else, so I have...

mental-health college-minor therapy psychiatry clinical-psychology counseling psychology school-psychology

Blake S.’s Avatar
Blake S. May 16, 2016 778 views

Difference between actually counseling and being a psychiatrist?

I'm considering being a counseling psychologist or a psychiatrist, I'm wondering what people who are in these professions think about the two different careers. How do they differ? What kind of work do you do day to day? psychology counseling psychiatry...


Nicole R.’s Avatar
Nicole R. May 17, 2016 932 views

What are the easiest majors?

I am going to college undecided...


Kenesha C.’s Avatar
Kenesha C. May 18, 2016 1046 views

How did you know or find the right career for you?

I am asking because I am stumped about what I want to in my post-secondary education. college college-major career-choice...


Zakeya J.’s Avatar
Zakeya J. May 19, 2016 567 views

Which college is most recommended to have a degree in psychology?

I'm looking at colleges and I'm conflicted as to which one I should attend. I really want to become a psychologist and I prefer going to the best school possible to get my degree....