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Difference between actually counseling and being a psychiatrist?

I'm considering being a counseling psychologist or a psychiatrist, I'm wondering what people who are in these professions think about the two different careers. How do they differ? What kind of work do you do day to day? #psychology #counseling #psychiatry #psychiatrists

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3 answers

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Susan Delphine’s Answer

A psychiatrist is a physician. In med school we study every single aspect of the human body and study all of the specialties of medicine. We spend time in clinic in every single specialty. This gives us incredible insight into what is going on in a patient's body, not just their mind.

We prescribe medicines to change the chemistry of the brain so that a person feels normal again. Our knowledge of every part of the body and every other specialty allows us to see if a body-based issue is causing the psychiatric symptoms, something a counselor could never do. We look at all of the meds a patient is taking to check for drug-drug interactions.

We are DOCTORS first and always.

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Felicia G’s Answer

Hi Blake! The difference between a psychologist and psychiatrist is that psychiatrists can prescribe medication.

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Linda Ann’s Answer

To become a psychiatrist, you must attend medical school and complete a residency in psychiatry.... To the best of my understanding, most psychiatrists prescribe medications for their patients and provide little in the way of talking therapy.

A counseling psychologist's work varies greatly as a function of the setting. Academics might teach, do research and have therapy clients. I would recommend exploration of the American Psychological Association's website for more information about clinical and counseling psychology. Here's the link: www.apa.org.

Good Luck!