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How do I mix my love for writing with the degree I'm getting in psychology?

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I'm good at writing and want to see if it would work with my career. #college #career #psychology #college-major #interviews #writing

Wow, I love writing! I have been thinking of doing whatever my major will be while having a minor in Creative Writing. Due to the fact that so many people can publish books or any types of writing- but can be unsuccessful in getting publicity. It's more of a hobby that I love rather than something I want to spend the rest of my life doing. Although it wouldn't be that bad if I do! Tiffany S.

4 answers

Keith’s Answer


Vera, with psychology, you could blog, you could do a lot of research if you're into technical writing, or you could write for a social services magazine.

great idea, thank you! Vera L.

Linda Ann’s Answer


With an advanced degree in psychology, you could become a science writer for The NY Times or any of many other legitimate news outlets. Such a career could lead to writing books for the lay population; Daniel Goleman has made such a career for himself. Check out the books he has written at either amazon or Barnes & Noble. He has a number of Ted talks as well.

Good luck with your future career!

Felicia G’s Answer


Hi Vera! You could always become an author and write self help books or books on your expertise in the field.

Thank you, Ms. Meadows, that's a great idea! Vera L.
You're welcome! Felicia G Meadows

Susan E.’s Answer


There are several ideas I can offer:
1. Look for Psychology magazines and periodicals to write for, and read their submission rules.

  1. Write a mystery novel or short story.

  2. Write and read blogs on those psychological things that interest you.