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Scotland Neck, North Carolina
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Tiffany Nov 01, 2016 907 views

Will Living in a Rural Community Decrease Chances for Success?

I live in a very rural community. Some people have said that they couldn't go to certain schools and colleges because people looked down on the school I went to. Others said that since my school has a lack of teachers and some of our classes are online, colleges don't like that either. However,...

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Tiffany Oct 31, 2016 2687 views

What do "Universal Studies" Consist of in a List of Majors?

I've applied to a few colleges and universities that offer Universal Studies as one of their major topics! When speaking to a professor from ECU, he told me that Universal Studies holds a group of many different topics- one of them being forensic science, which is what I want to major in....

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Tiffany Oct 31, 2016 911 views

To Become a Forensic Pathologist, do I Need to Have Lots of Medical Experience Beforehand?

I have been wanting to be a forensic pathologist ever since I entered the 6th grade. I understand that I need eight years of schooling and about 3-5 years doing residential work. However, does that mean work as a doctor for 3 to 5 years then finally become a forensic pathologist? That has...