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Is it possible to be an OB-GYN and still have a family?

Asked North Carolina, North Carolina

I have always wanted to be a doctor, specifically an OB-GYN but I have also wanted to have a family and raise kids. Is that possible and realistic for me or not?
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2 answers

G Vishnu’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

While OB/GYN is known for one of the worst/unpredicatable lifestyle in medicine, you are somewhat in control of your schedule once you finish residency. One of my mentors works 8-5, and one weekend call during the month. Granted, he is in academic medicine. Usually, graduates start doing both OB and GYN and slowly thin out their OB practice because of predictability of gyn surgeries and less malpractice. Do what you love - it may be hard in the beginning, but you can tailor your practice later in life.

Felicia G’s Answer

Updated Washington

Hi AnnaEllis! The answer is YES.

Hi Felicia! Thanks for posting this response on AnnaEllis' question. Do you have any other context or stories or encouragement or recommendations that might help AnnaEllis and other students who share this question? Answers don't have to be super long, but a little extra explanation can go a long way to help out the students!