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Once in the education field, would it be better to start working in a low income/Title one school or a higher income school?

Asked Stanford, California

I have heard different opinions on both but have not yet come to an answer. #teaching #education #school #elementary-education #high-income-school #low-income-school

2 answers

Felicia G’s Answer

Updated Washington

Hi Jessica! It really doesn't make a difference, it depends on your preference. Title 1 schools usually have money for additional supports while higher income schools usually have parents that have disposable income that they use to provide supports in the school.

Elaine’s Answer

Updated Clearwater, Florida

What a great thing you are asking. It depends entirely on you and your feelings and beliefs are. I always taught in title 1 schools and enjoyed that very. Icy. It takes a lot of work, patience, understanding.... but is so rewarding because you know that these children have many issues you can help them with if you care and are willing to put yourself in this situation. Some people are better suited to schools that are not title 1, and you just have to find your own comfort level. .. one is not better than the other...it's where you feel you are. Oat co fortable and that is where you will do the best teaching you can. A suggestion....why not take some time to spend in each type of school as a volunteer and see what meets your comfort level best, Good luck to you.