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Eric Z. Nov 23, 2016 562 views

How do I transfer colleges?

I'm a current high school student. I was just curious how the process might be to transfer from a school to a better one that I might not be able to get into from high school. #college #college-admissions #college-selection...


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Eric Z. Nov 03, 2016 957 views

What questions to ask an entrepreneur panel?

I'm hosting a panel of entrepreneurs at my high school, what kind of questions should I ask them specifically pertaining to the fact they are...

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Eric Z. Oct 30, 2016 631 views
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Eric Z. Oct 30, 2016 592 views

What are courses I will have to take if I major in economics?

I'm interested in studying economics and what to know what courses I might have to take. #college #college-major #economics...


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Eric Z. Oct 30, 2016 775 views

What are some tips for majors/careers that require lots of math for someone who doesn't like math the most?

I am a current high school student who is thinking about what I want to major in in college and also what I want to do with my career. The topics of engineering and economics interest me but they both require lots of math. Math is not my favorite subject. #college #engineering #career...

#economics #career-choice #career-counseling #college-major #career-guidance

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Eric Z. Aug 18, 2016 526 views

How useful/beneficial is a private college counselor?

I had never heard of anyone using a private counselor but upon moving to the northeast, it seems its a relatively common thing among my friends. #college #college-admissions...


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Eric Z. Jul 28, 2016 779 views

What is a gap year and is it for me?

I have heard that more and more students are taking gap year after high school and before their college studies. I know the general gist but what exactly is a gap year and why might I want or not want to take one?...