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What courses will I have to take if I major in engineering in general? and specifically what about aerospace and civil engineering?

I'm interested in studying engineering and what to know what courses I might have to take. #engineering #college-major #civil-engineering #aerospace-engineering #college-selection

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Hi Eric, The answers above are quite comprehensive - I'd just like to add a little more about aerospace engineering. Each university's aerospace program will have minor differences, which you can learn about by reviewing the program syllabus/outline, but for the most part aerospace programs will have classes covering the following disciplines: aerodynamics, thermodynamics, propulsion, vehicle performance, structures, control systems, and aircraft/spacecraft design. Each program may have minor variations in terms of what the classes are called, how they're structured, how much detail they go into, and so on. But in general, those are the kinds of subjects you can expect to study. The design class(es), which are usually taught towards the end of the program, will combine the knowledge learned in other classes and will likely have you design some type of aircraft. Best, Theesh
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Hi Eric, All engineering students usually have to take courses like calculus 1-3, statistics, linear algebra, chemistry 1-2, physics 1-2, and science labs during their first few years. After you have done these prerequisite courses, you will begin to specialize based on what degree you have chosen (i.e. mechanical, civil, chemical engineering or others). I would recommend taking a look at the course curriculum for engineering programs at a few different universities to get a feel for what your undergraduate experience might look like. Here are a few links to Lehigh's Engineering Department, but definitely look into a variety of schools to check out their offerings. Hope this helps!
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search a engineering college to see actual courses first 2 years=chemistry, physics, calculus same for all engineers last 2 years=hydraulics, soils, concrete, steel, water, wastewater, statics for civil

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