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How useful/beneficial is a private college counselor?

I had never heard of anyone using a private counselor but upon moving to the northeast, it seems its a relatively common thing among my friends. #college #college-admissions #guidance-counselor

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Daniela’s Answer

Hi Eric,

An independent college counselor is available around the clock and will spend hours with college applicants to brainstorm college admissions essays and help perfect them. Draft after draft. And that’s just the college admissions essays. There are so many other components of a student’s candidacy that high school guidance counselors often don’t have the time or expertise to address. But a good college counselor does have the time to give a student individualized attention. And a good college counselor does have the expertise.

There are thousands of college counselors across the United States. And just like in any industry, some are good while some aren’t. A good college counselor will be a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC).

In this link you can read more and get some information about credentialed private counsellors.


Best of luck!

Thank you Daniela! Eric Z.