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What are some good scholarships that can help me pay for grad school?

Grad school is expensive and I need all the help i can get. #guidance-counselor #college #college-admissions #scholarships #career

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2 answers

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Nancy’s Answer

Olivia, one common way graduate students help pay for college is by working as a graduate assistant. There are assistantships in residence life, teaching, and research. These competitive opportunities may require applications and interviews. In return for work, you may receive a small stipend as well as discounts on tuition and possibly room and board.

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Frank’s Answer

Hi Olivia, I've heard that finding scholarships for grad school are more challenging than for under-grad. However, there are some grad scholarships out there, and I saw some listed on our site, which you may want to check out. There's no charge to use the service, other than you'll have to create a free account on the site to apply for any scholarships of interest on-line.


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