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how many years would I have to stay in college and what degrees would i have to get in order to become a surgeon?

Asked Oakland, California

How long would I have to stay in school? If I wanted to go to community college is there some that may help me pursue my dream of being a surgeon? What degrees would I need to become a surgeon? What is some advice I could get? #doctor #healthcare #medical #surgery #college #medicine

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Eric’s Answer


I would think at least 8 years.

Medical School is where you complete the degree work to become a doctor, the residency portion is where you decide what type of doctor you want to be an specialize in that. The pre-requisite for medical school is any undergraduage degree. Some lean towards biology, chemistry or health sciences - but any will do. It's the MCAT that gets you end.

The first 4 steps as I understand them:

Step 1: Earn a Bachelor's Degree. ...

Step 2: Take the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) ...

Step 3: Earn a Medical Degree. ...

Step 4: Complete a Residency Program. ...

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