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A results oriented, enthusiastic Admissions Counselor interested in encouraging students to reach their goals.
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Brooke Q. Jan 21, 2018 423 views

How can I stop being so nervous and anxious about my future?

I'm so scared about my future, both educational-wise and financial-wise. Any advice on calming down? #anxiety #college...


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candy M. Jan 08, 2019 187 views

how many years would I have to stay in college and what degrees would i have to get in order to become a surgeon?

How long would I have to stay in school? If I wanted to go to community college is there some that may help me pursue my dream of being a surgeon? What degrees would I need to become a surgeon? What is some advice I could get? #doctor #healthcare #surgery #college...


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Shayla M. Jan 09, 2019 177 views

I love math, spelling, architecture, and astronomy. What job is good for me?

Hi, I’m Shayla and I’m in 5th grade. I want to have a job to look forward to like all the other kids, but I can’t seem to choose. If you could suggest a few that would be great. Some things about me; I’m mature for my age, I love math and I’m in algebra one, I won my school spelling bee two...

#college #career #math

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katie H. Apr 16, 2019 425 views
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Diamante B. Apr 24, 2019 212 views