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what does it take to be a registered nurse?

Asked Oakland, California

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Eva’s Answer

Updated McAllen, Texas

To become a registered nurse, you will need to go to nursing school. Nursing school varies depending on the pathway that you choose. You may pursue an Associate Degree in Nursing (2 year degree) or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (4 year degree). Once you complete nursing school, you will then be required to take your state nursing exam to become a Registered Nurse.

Eva recommends the following next steps:

  • Research different nursing schools. Check the application requirements, prerequisites courses, program requirements, test requirements, and deadlines of the nursing programs.

Angelica’s Answer

Hello! I use to be an Assistant Director of Admissions and Financial Aid for a Nursing College. To become a nurse is a lot of work but is very rewarding if you are passionate about helping and serving people. A student in the nursing field has to develop and be very strong in math, science and empathy.

Each school is different and require different academic courses and test scores. You should find a school that is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and find out what are their requirements. Finding a school that is accredited will allow you to continue your education and is valued by most employers.

While you are studying, most school require that you don't work or work less than 20 hours a week. <span style="color: rgb(93, 103, 106);">There will be clinical or hands on work that will take a lot of your time in addition to your studies. </span>This is an indicator of how much work is necessary to complete the degree. I would encourage you to engage in study groups and teacher support.

Don't get discouraged as you work to become a nurse. You can overcome any obstacle if you are passionate about what you are doing. I hope these words encourage you!

Angelica recommends the following next steps:

  • Determine if you are passionate about helping and serving people.
  • Develop your science, math and empathy skills.
  • Make a list of accredited nursing schools and find out their requirements.